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Intro to Chemistry/Safety

Chemistry is an interesting subject with amazing experiments and so much still left to discover and create.  There are also many hazards and dangers as well. Acids, bases, and other compounds can damage and destroy tissue and materials.  Certain reactions can start fires, create toxic gases, or cause explosions.  In order to learn and perform experiments safely, there are a few rules and guidelines we must understand and practice daily.  The necessity of both chemistry, and safe practices, is summed up quite well by Druma, inc.

"We come into contact with products that are produced using chemicals continuously throughout our day.
  • The switch we use to turn on the lights.
  • Our health and grooming aids.
  • The clothes we put on.
  • The dishes we eat and drink from.
  • The transportation we use, and the fuels we use to run it as well."

Life is constantly made easier and better through the use of chemicals.

But chemicals can also be potentially hazardous. Some hazards are severe, in most cases we don't want to be exposed to them at all. Other hazards are easily controlled with only normal personal hygiene and workplace precautions. Many hazards fall in between these two extremes.

We recognize that some chemicals that we encounter in our operations can be potentially hazardous.

And we have tried to limit our exposure to them wherever possible. But we feel that to make sure we know how to deal with hazardous chemicals safely, we must understand the laws that affect their use, as well as how to control the chemicals themselves."

"The Importance of Understanding Chemical Hazards" Druma, inc. 26 August 2013. <>
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